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Examples of day-one experiments with the nuclear resonance fluorescence technique, photonuclear reaction measurements, photofission experiments and studies of nuclear collective excitation modes and competition between various decay channels are discussed. The time and place of the public display and the term for submission of proposals shall be communicated in the official publication Ametlikud Teadaanded and in a national daily newspaper. Festivalikajastusi on raadios olnud üsna mitmeid, ning

The involvement shall be organised by the Environmental Board.

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The duration of the public display of these documents shall be six months. Public consultations shall be organised during the public display.

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The time and place of the public display and the term for submission of proposals shall be communicated uhine salv bodie the official publication Ametlikud Teadaanded and in a national daily newspaper. The Ministry of the Environment shall respond in writing to the submitted written proposals and objections within two months after the public display has ended. Updating of river basin management plan 1 A river basin management plan shall be reviewed and updated as necessary, but not less often than every six years after its preparation or updating.

It will be an ultra high-intensity, high repetition-rate, femtosecond laser facility whose main goal is generation and applications of high-brightness X-ray sources and accelerated charged particles in different fields.

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Particular care will be devoted to the potential applicability of laser-driven ion beams for medical treatments of tumors. Indeed, such kind of beams show very interesting peculiarities and, moreover, laser-driven based accelerators can really represent a competitive alternative to conventional machines since they are expected to be more compact in size and less expensive.

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Several European institutes have already shown a great interest in the project aiming to explore the possibility to use laser-driven ion mostly proton beams for several applications with a particular regard for medical ones.

Muusika Eesti ja Iisraeli ühine festival "Tallinn — Tel Aviv", mis sündis Andres Mustoneni algatatuna ja tema kunstilisel juhtimisel seitsmendat korda, jõuab pühapäeval lõpule. Kokku sai 19 kontserdil Eestist esines Iisraelis seekord 80 muusikut.

Seal, Robert R. The site was placed on the National Priorities List in The mine comprises underground workings, foundations from historical structures, several waste-rock piles, roast beds associated with the smelting operation, and slag piles resulting from the smelting. The mine site is drained by Ely Brook, which includes several tributaries, one of which drains a series of six ponds.

Kontserdid toimusid Andres Mustoneni juhatusel Tel Avivis, Jeruusalemmas, Haifas, Akkos ja teisteski keskustes, kavas oli suurt klassikat eelkõige barokiajastust, nüüdisautoreid ning muusikat jazz-stiilis. Esimene kontsert II pakkus Johann Sebastian Bachi "Goldbergi variatsioone" ning "Brandenburgi kontserti nr 2 F-duur" jazz-võtmes, millisena pole need kuulsad teosed varem kõlanud.

Kontserdil viibinud Tel Avivi klassikaraadio Kol HaMusika toimetaja, kes andis eetrisse pikema intervjuu festivalist Andres Mustoneniga, arvas, et "ainult nii saab Bach edasi elada".

Programme of measures 1 Measures to implement the water protection principles provided for in this Act and to achieve the water protection objectives provided for in Subdivision 1 of Division 2 of this Chapter in a river basin district or a part of a transboundary river basin district located in Estonia shall be planned in a programme of measures.