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Difana Meilani Full Text Available Inventory is sustav swelli salv very important thing for a company due to the inventory production process can proceed smoothly without having to worry about a shortage of goods or materials used for production activities or operations.

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But if too much inventory, it will cause harm to the company because the company has issued a number of costs for treatment of the goods. In addition, the company's funds will be allocated salv ola liigeste carry too much inventory purchases.

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The problem is the difficulty of PDAM Tirta Way office in determining whether certain types of goods are still available at eight branches or warehouses.

This could be due to the unclear recording of goods in and out of the barn. In addition, other problems are frequent delays in the procurement process that resulted in running out of stock of goods in a sustav swelli salv in central and branch warehouses.

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This has happen because there is no clear safety stock that can be used as a basis when to re-order goods. The absence of a good coding system of goods also causes problems. This is due to the items contained in the warehouse is well organized neatly so many different kinds of goods are mixed with each other.

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As a result, the warehouse had difficulty in determining whether the item is still available in the warehouse or not. Therefore, inventory management information system design is to overcome the above problems.

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Inventory management information system design is done so that there is no shortage of goods in warehouse contained due to the existence of information system design is the central part can find out directly the number of stocks contained in each warehouse, when the goods are to be ordered, and how many number items to be ordered so that the ordering of goods can be directly carried out without waiting for the demand for goods by the branch warehouses.